Ben moved to Cornwall in 2000 with his wife Kinga in search of adventure. He was looking for a place where he could feel at home, and Cornwall offered a beautiful backdrop for the busy life he was set to lead. A larger than life character, Ben’s passion and enthusiasm sees him constantly brimming over with new ideas; he found the perfect conduit for this energy in Cornwall’s outdoor lifestyle and booming food scene.

Ben spends his time cooking, cycling, surfing and enjoying time with his wife and two young children.


In some ways Ben’s pub in Newlyn and his beach-side eatery in Sennen couldn’t be more different, yet they share the same values of great food and warm hospitality.

Ben Tunnicliffe Newlyn (The Tolcarne Inn) is a celebration of Cornwall’s amazing seafood and long maritime history. The pub is nestled next to the sea wall in Newlyn; here a chalk-board menu features the freshest seafood from the nearby market, combined with the seasonal harvest from the land. The setting may be unpretentious, but those in the know flock here to enjoy Ben’s signature style; a lightness of touch which lets the quality of the ingredients shine through.

Ben Tunnicliffe Sennen Cove is a celebration of the beach and of family life. In the far reaches of West Penwith, the timber-framed restaurant and sun-drenched terrace looks out over golden sands and crystal clear waters, making it one of the most spectacular food destinations in the whole of the UK. Family-friendly and designed as a base from which to enjoy the beach all year round, surfers, dog-walkers, sun-worshippers and food-lovers will all feel at home here.


Getting to know the people behind the produce means getting to understand
the dedication and effort that goes into each plate of food.

Ben talks with his fishmonger every morning. This close relationship means that Ben gets his hands on the best quality fish at the best price, and even before the catch is one the way from market Ben is already dreaming up dishes for his menu.

Sustainable fishing is a high priority for Ben, and he has chosen a fishmonger with strong sustainability and traceability credentials. He also supports the Fisherman’s Mission and other charities, taking part in events which are important to the fishing community.


Cornwall offers stunning landscapes and undiscovered gems. Driving on narrow, windy country lanes you will come across farms hidden amongst the green valleys, wild moorland and picturesque coastline. Here you will find small producers growing top quality vegetables, community farms run by dedicated individuals, and artisans crafting award-winning food and drink products.

Ben gets it. He appreciated what they do, and loves buying the food that they so proudly produce. Sharing the values of these small family businesses results in a spirit of collaboration, the ‘many hands approach’ which Ben is famous for.


Ben strives to set a new standard when it comes to hospitality. As he explains; “Real hospitality is so important to us. Ultimately we want to make people smile; both the guests and the people we work with – suppliers and staff. We have an opportunity to bring a little sunshine into your day when you visit one of our restaurants; we hope we succeed.”